The End of Windows 7 Support: FAQs for Concerned Business Owners

The End of Windows 7 Support: FAQs for Concerned Business Owners

Windows 7 Upgrade Support Across Vermont

The sun is setting on the beloved Windows 7 OS. How will this affect your business? Find out what you need to know now that Win7 support is ending.  

Of all of the operating systems served up by Windows, Windows 7 has perhaps been one of the most beloved by business owners. Many organizations chose not to upgrade as Microsoft released its concurrent versions of Windows simply because Win7 was so straightforward and easy to use. If you've held onto this OS for your business, the end of Windows 7 support can sound like a scary thing.

As your trusted computer services company serving Vermont, Here is a look at some of what every business owner should know if they are still using Windows 7.

Will you still be able to use Windows 7?

Even though support is ending, the Windows 7 operating system will still be functional. According to British Telecommunications, the extended support implemented several years ago in 2015 for Win7 will end on January 14, 2020. At least 40.88 percent of Windows users are actually still using Win7 and have not upgraded to the latest Windows 10. Those users who do not upgrade by the deadline may see some loss in functionality over time, such as:

  • no system updates
  • no security checks or upgrades
  • no access to help desk for Win7 problems

Will the support for Internet Explorer on Win7 still be available?

When support ends for Win7 in January of 2020, so will the support for Internet Explorer. Therefore, if your company relies on IE for its primary internet browser, you may be at risk of having some problems. primarily security on IE will be compromised if the Win7 OS is not updating to coincide with the current browser threats.

Can you upgrade your existing Win7 computers to windows 10?

As long as you have compatible business computers, they can be upgraded to Windows 10. Keep in mind, however, that only devices with a full license will have the ability to be upgraded. If you have computers on your network, or any other devices, that do not have a registered license, upgrading will not be a possibility.

What will be the primary concerns for businesses using Windows 7 once support ends?

Once Windows 7 support ends, there will be concerns about security primarily. As hackers and malware developers get more advanced, Microsoft works to build protective measures that automatically get added to Win7 during updates. In January, these updates will stop and developers will no longer be spending time to create fixes and firewalls for the older OS. Any protective measures that get added will have to come from manual installations on your behalf or with the help of an IT service provider.

Seeing Windows 7 come to an end is a tearful goodbye for many business owners. Reach out to a managed IT service provider if you have specific concerns about the changes to come if you are still relying on Win7 for your business.