Is Co-Managed IT Right for My Company?

Growing companies face the dilemma of needing professional grade IT support but are unable to reasonably afford to invest in all the tools, software and staff that requires. Co-Managed IT is a great way for CEOs to get the helping hands, specialized expertise, and IT management they need WITHOUT the cost and difficulty of finding, managing, and retaining a large IT staff.

This flexible partnership provides a customized set of on-going services and software tools specific to the needs of your IT person or department. It fills in the gaps, supports their specific needs and gives you far superior IT support and services at a much lower cost.

So, how do you know if Co-Managed IT is the right fit for your company? Below are the three most common scenarios we have come across in our Co-Managed IT partnerships. If any of these scenarios sound familiar, schedule a call with us!

Your in-house IT person is better served working on high-level strategic projects and initiatives, but they need support in getting day-to-day tasks completed, such as troubleshooting various problems that arise, providing helpdesk resources to employees, software upgrades, data backup and maintenance, etc.

Your in-house IT person is excellent at helpdesk and end-user support, but doesn’t have the expertise in advanced cyber security protection, server maintenance, cloud technologies, compliance regulations, etc. As in scenario 1, we let them handle what they do best, and fill in the areas where they need assistance.

Your company is in rapid expansion and needs to scale up IT staff and resources quickly. This is another situation where our flexible support services can be brought in to get you through this phase as you work to build IT approach.

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