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For any organization intent on protecting itself, employees, and consumers from the effects of data breaches, Dark Web monitoring is non-negotiable. At DominionTech, we offer Dark Web monitoring scans and support services for businesses in the Middlebury, VT area. Get in touch with us today to discuss our Dark Web monitoring solutions to protect your company.



What Is the Dark Web?

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Before delving into what Dark Web monitoring is, it’s essential that you first understand the Dark Web. While the internet is primarily known for providing easy access to information and transparency, that's not the case with the Dark Web.

It is a small part of the internet that's hidden from the public where users value anonymity. As a result, it is home to cybercriminals and hackers. To access the Dark Web, one needs to have specialist knowledge and use specific software and tools. These include Riffle, Freenet, TOR (The Onion Router), and I2P (Invisible Internet Project).

Each time hackers are successful with breaches, they post the data they steal on the Dark Web. While listed there, other individuals can buy the data anonymously for malicious purposes. At present, the Dark Web contains billions of hacked credentials.

However, what’s even more alarming is that the number is growing significantly by the day.

What Is Dark Web Monitoring?

As you may imagine, if information from your networks is listed on the Dark Web, the consequences for the company and users in question may be dire. This is where our Dark Web monitoring services come into play.

With our team of experts and in-house solutions, we will search for any reference to personal or business information on the Dark Web. Should your information be found, we will notify you, allowing you to take action before it’s sold.

Here are some stats demonstrating the importance of Dark Web Support:

  • Your employees often use the same passwords for different services such as network login, online stores, social media, banking, and others, significantly increasing the risk brought by one compromised credential.

  • Your company becomes more vulnerable each time employees use their work email on third-party websites.

  • Due to the limited visibility you have when credentials are stolen, such breaches are reported to victims by third parties over 75% of the time.

  • Compromised credentials are used to orchestrate further criminal activity such as financial fraud, accessing corporate information, and identity theft.

What Type of Information Can DominionTech Monitor?

Our Dark Web monitoring solutions cover a wide range of elements to give you holistic protection. These include:

  • Email addresses
  • Usernames
  • Bank details
  • Debit/Credit cards
  • Phone numbers
  • Passwords

The Benefits of Dark Web Monitoring Scans

With our Dark Web monitoring services, your company will enjoy benefits such as:

  • Enterprise-level credential monitoring capabilities including staff usernames, email addresses, and passwords
  • Actionable intelligence to ensure staff and the organization are better protected
  • Prevention of cybercrime activities such as data breaches and identity theft
  • Prevention of exposure of credentials malicious persons
  • Continuous monitoring to provide real-time awareness of compromises
  • Real-time response to threats to limit the impact of breaches
Dark Web Monitoring Scans

Why Work with Us?

Our team will safeguard you from data breaches, identity theft, and other cyber-crimes. Moreover, we will scour the dark corners of the internet for any exposed or compromised company credentials on your behalf.

1. 24/7/35 Monitoring

Cybercriminals have a tendency to strike when you least expect it or via the unlikeliest channels. Therefore, even if you have a robust security framework, it's possible to be breached and not even know. Considering the Dark Web is full of people looking for any information they can use, you can’t leave anything to chance.

This is why they provide round-the-clock monitoring throughout the year to offer maximum protection.

2. Real-Time Threat Mitigation

Our proactive approach to monitoring your domain ensures we identify threats immediately. This allows us to act immediately and prevent it from occurring or limiting the impact.

3. Threat Prediction

Often, there are patterns to cybercriminal activity. Our Dark Web monitoring solution analyses such occurrences to identify and predict industry patterns. With such intelligence, we can anticipate potential threats and begin mitigation long before they occur.

4. Gain Visibility

Without access to the Dark Web, individuals with malicious intent have a significant advantage over you. They can access data and begin using it long before you know there was a breach. This significantly increases the impact of threats.

However, with our Dark Web monitoring support, you’ll have equal visibility. As such, if any of your data is exposed, you can immediately find out and take the necessary action.

Get the Right Team Behind You

At DominionTech, we understand the true value of safeguarding consumers and employees. This is why our Dark Web Monitoring services feature a team of certified professionals and a sophisticated solution. Contact us today for comprehensive Dark Web Support.

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