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A Wireless Network for Optimal Efficiency and Mobility

To ensure optimal performance, your wireless network installation must be done right the first time. Otherwise, you may have to deal with repeated Wi-Fi failures which can negatively impact your business operations.

There are various reasons wireless networks fail. It could be as a result of insufficient capacity, poor coverage or placement, interference issues or bad design. This is why you should only trust your wireless network installation with experts with years of experience in the industry.

DominionTech is a trusted wireless network installation and wireless network support and consulting company in Washington County, VT. Our wireless networking consultants ensure that your network is set up correctly for continuous, reliable performance, and stays that way. Here's what you can expect when you trust your installation with our wireless network consultants:


Wireless Survey

Before beginning your installation project, we always conduct a wireless survey. Wireless surveys help to identify optimum locations for mesh nodes and access points for effective coverage and optimal performance. We will work with you to understand your needs and expectations before the survey is conducted. This helps facilitate proper assessment of the coverage area.

Review of Equipment Manufacturers & Models

If you prefer, we can recommend equipment manufacturers and models of components such as firewalls, switches or access points that best meet your needs and budget. Once these decisions are made, we take them into consideration when drawing up the design and building the budget.

Pre-configuration of Equipment

Our installation professionals will ensure that all pieces of wireless equipment are pre-configured before installation at your site. This reduces the overall time required for installation so you experience only minimum disruption to daily business activities.

Network Monitoring

Once your equipment is installed, we conduct various installation and signal coverage tests to ensure that your wireless network meets or surpasses performance and throughput requirements. Based on our findings, we may also tweak the configuration setting to facilitate optimal performance. We can also provide managed services to monitor your network to ensure that it remains at peak performance levels and that your connectivity and performance is not compromised.

By leveraging the expert services of DominionTech, a leading company in the wireless networking industry, you can be assured of optimal round-the-clock performance of your wireless network.

CALL US: 802-655-0880

Benefits of a wireless network for your business:


Employees can work without sitting at dedicated computers and can continue to be productive anywhere in the office.


Save money on cables and maintenance. Your business could literally save thousands by not having to buy and replace cables every year.


Wireless technology allows employees and visitors to easily share files and documents across the infrastructure.

DominionTech Wireless Network solutions include:

  • Installation Services
  • Wireless Network Security Design and Implementation
  • Mobile Device Management (Bring Your Own Device)
  • Monitoring and Maintenance

When we first hired DominionTech, it was through a former co-worker's recommendation. A couple of the reasons why we continue to reach out to DominionTech for our IT support would be that they are local, and I can count on a swift response in a troubled situation.

Kevin Eddy, Pet Food Warehouse

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