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Many companies are turning to Microsoft Azure as their preferred cloud platform - and for good reason. Backed by the expert team at Microsoft, it is one of the earliest available to the general public, and now one of the most popular cloud solutions today. Like other platforms, however, Azure can be difficult to implement - especially if you're not familiar with cloud accessibility in the first place. That’s where we come in.

DominionTech is a trusted provider of Azure support and consulting services for companies in the Waterbury, VT area. Our expert team will get you up and running on Azure quickly and efficiently, and ensure you get the most out of the platform. To speak to an Azure consultant today, give us a call!

CALL US: 802-655-0880

Or, read on to learn more about Azure and how our support and consulting services can help you leverage all the benefits of this robust platform.

About Azure

Microsoft Azure is a cloud-based service that helps businesses with building, testing, deploying, and managing applications and services. It delivers apps such as analytics, networking, security, hosting and databases, migration, virtual desktops, and a lot more. These services have revolutionized the ways in which businesses function, and have made processes faster and easier.

Azure support from DominionTech

The process of integrating a new service into your existing Azure installation can be difficult. Most of the Azure services utilize numerous different settings and options that, if misconfigured, could cause more harm than good. That's why many of our clients trust their Azure activities to DominionTech. Our consultants have expert-level familiarity with Azure and its most valuable services, and know how to install, configure and update the platform in a way that lets you make the most of the platform.

We also offer hands-on Azure consulting services that can help steer your current IT team in the right direction. Equipped with IT experience and a true passion for helping others achieve their goals, DominionTech makes it easy!

DominionTech Azure support services include:

  • Support plans
  • Migration and implementation
  • Integration and backup strategy
  • Cloud services
  • Azure Business Solutions
  • Hosting and databases
  • Active Directory and Virtualization
  • Analytics and monitoring

We provide exceptional support to our clients to help them implement Azure and navigate the complexities with ease. From acquiring the Azure license to migration to the platform, to managing and post-implementation, our Microsoft-certified engineers make the process smooth and seamless.
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CALL US: 802-655-0880


DominionTech ensures you get the most out of your Azure investment. Our experts are well-versed in:

  • Data Management

    Controlling and managing data has never easier than with Azure. It supports almost all database solutions, including SQL, Cosmos DB, NoSQL, and more. You're never stuck with one option.

  • Security

    Prevent, detect, and respond to threats with Azure security. Protect data, apps, and infrastructure quickly with built-in security services in Azure that include unparalleled security intelligence to help identify rapidly evolving threats.

  • Office 365 Integration

    Office 365 is one of the early adopters of Microsoft Azure. It has expanded the entire Microsoft Office family into a platform from simple document collaboration, real-time spreadsheet management to workflow automation.

  • Azure Monitoring Solutions

    Get comprehensive lifecycle management solutions for your business applications, including upgrade and maintenance, testing, and migration services.

  • Post-Implementation Support

    When you partner with us, you will receive premium, on-demand support from our team to help you from basic to advanced troubleshooting and resolution, quickly and effectively.


When we first hired DominionTech, it was through a former co-worker's recommendation. A couple of the reasons why we continue to reach out to DominionTech for our IT support would be that they are local, and I can count on a swift response in a troubled situation.

Kevin Eddy, Pet Food Warehouse

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