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All companies need strong IT, but not all can hire an in-house IT department

Most companies have trusted, capable IT people on-staff to cover various needs, but they’re rarely able to handle the increasing demands of a growing company. When your IT staff is overwhelmed or short on resources, this can add real stress to the company. We realize a business of your size and growth needs the support of a team that can work alongside your current staff, building a strong and resilient IT department, and keeping your business running smoothly.

Add the support of an expert team while keeping your trusted IT person in place

DominionTech compliments your existing staff by offering comprehensive management and planning to ensure your company is protected from data loss, extended downtime, poor network performance, cyber attacks, compliance issues, and is able to recover from a disaster.

  • Proactive Services - We prevent problems before they happen, and eliminate recurring issues that slow your business down
  • Strategy - Working with your leadership team we strategically plan for the long-term
  • Help Desk - You get a super responsive local team to answer all service requests

Benefits of Co-Managed IT

We don’t replace your IT staff, we make them better

You don’t have to add to your head count

Your IT team gets access to powerful automation and management tools

You get a team of smart, experienced IT pros

24/7 emergency support

Long-term planning and guidance


“Prior to working with DominionTech, we tried to manage our IT solutions by ourselves. Over time, that proved to be an unsustainable approach. I genuinely believe that the leadership at DominionTech values our relationship and is doing everything they can to put us in the best position we can be from an IT perspective.”

Todd Rea, Vermont Mechanical Inc.

Scenarios Where Co-Managed IT Makes Sense

#1- Day-to-Day Support

Your in-house IT staff is better served working on high-level strategic projects and initiatives, but needs support in getting day-to-day tasks completed, such as troubleshooting various problems that arise, providing helpdesk resources to your employees, software upgrades, data backup and maintenance, etc.

#2- Strategy and Protection

Your in-house IT person is excellent at help-desk and end-user support, but doesn’t have the expertise in advanced cyber security protection, server maintenance, cloud technologies, compliance regulations, etc. As in scenario 1, we let them handle what they do best and fill in the areas where they need assistance.

#3- Speed to Scale

A company is in rapid expansion and needs to scale up IT staff and resources quickly. This is another situation where our flexible support services can be brought in to get you through this phase as you work to build your internal IT department.

We believe companies should be accelerated by their IT, not overwhelmed by it.

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