Our technical proficiency is in IT Outsourcing, Fixed Fee IT Support and Computer Support serving companies throughout Vermont

Having 5-50 workstations is typical for our clients. Those clients offer professional business or retail services and have a reliance on the Internet and email. They rely on their computer and networking system to operate their business. Therefore, companies in Williston, Champlain Valley, Burlington, St Albans, Middlebury, Rutland, Montpelier, Colchester, Central Vermont and throughout Vermont trust in us to install and support the advanced technology systems that transform their companies into highly effective businesses.

Our services are most effective and efficient with customers who:

  • Require reliable and secure IT Management Services for their companies' computer networks.
  • Recognize that technology is a valuable tool that can help gain competitive advantages and increase production.
  • Want an advisor they can trust as their technology partner so that they can improve productivity and make more profits through highly effective network IT support.
  • Are committed to investing in technology to improve communication and do away with manual tasks in their Communication Network Infrastructure.

You be the judge!

In the words of our customers . . .

I am comforted knowing that our system is always backed up.

Since the start of our business, we have relied on DominionTech. Their competitive edge did not stop with their pricing. I found them to be willing to sit down and discuss our needs and was impressed by their Apple knowledge. DominionTech was their patient and understanding when they set up our unique computer system. My expectations were exceeded during the set up when we had to use our medical records software in a unique way and DominionTech figured out how to do it and to make it stable. It has worked well, ever since. We rely heavily on our computer system. If it goes down, we cannot function. I am comforted knowing that our system is always backed up, and that our server functions are being monitored from their office. I appreciate having DominionTech close at hand and always ready to respond; this is incredibly reassuring. - Kurt Schulz, Peak Veterinary Referral Center

DominionTech Computer Services
5 / 5 stars

With DominionTech, we now have an organization that runs like a professional business with a modern IT infrastructure.

We knew we needed to improve and organize our IT infrastructure. We approached DominionTech for help and they made suggestions on what we should do to have a viable IT system solution that was practical and within our budget. We continue this business relationship with DominionTech because of the high level of support we receive. They make us feel like we are their biggest customer, even though we are a small efficient operation.

They respond quickly to our service needs and inquiries for help. When we accidentally took down the server and couldn’t bring it back up, I called into the DominionTech office for support. They immediately sent someone out to get us back in business and spent the extra time to educate us on what to do in the future, to prevent the same issue from occurring. We can’t believe how we got along before DominionTech. With DominionTech, we now have an organization that runs like a professional business with a modern IT infrastructure. - Bill Sloma, Habitat for Humanity

DominionTech Computer Services
5 / 5 stars