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When it comes to running a business, the IT department is one of the most critical functions an organization can have. Smart business leaders know that having strong, reliable technology can help them dominate the market in terms of production, research and development, marketing and so much more. Without a doubt, technology has helped so many companies grow from humble beginnings to robust and thriving organizations.


Technology comes in different shapes, sizes, and forms. This is the primary reason why companies look for managed service providers who offer IT consulting services. DominionTech has been providing tech consultancy for over 10 years to businesses of all sizes. We have helped save organizations thousands of dollars in overspending on technology products. Our team are experts in all kinds of technologies such as networking, telephony, mobile management, security, and more. Also, our partnership with some of the world's best known tech suppliers has given our clients the advantage of acquiring hardware and software at lower prices than they could get on their own.


Over the years, we have learned that you can't plan for everything. Your IT system might be suitably managed today, but the world of technology is always changing and evolving and the sophistication of your infrastructure can become outdated and ineffective tomorrow. DominionTech Computer Services always stays ahead of the game, keeping on top of the latest changes and innovations that can affect or help your business. Our team can design, plan, manage, and maintain your IT systems so that you can focus on running and growing your business.

CALL US: 802-655-0880

DominionTech's IT Consulting services include:

IT Assessment
Good consulting services start with a comprehensive assessment. Be it security risks or vulnerabilities, resource limitations, or lack of in-house skillsets, our expert engineers will help you get a full grasp of your current IT infrastructure.

IT Procurement and Implementation
Upgrading your IT system with new hardware, software and services is difficult. Overcome the uncertainty of your options and the risk of ballooning costs by leveraging DominionTech.

We offer a reliable, cost-effective service management solutions for implementation needs, ranging from basic installation to complex projects performed by our advanced IT engineer experts. Our practices reduce disruptions and downtime, minimize risk, and enable the faster realization of infrastructure and network services.

IT Staffing
Your IT infrastructure is only good when properly maintained. DominionTech engineers are available to take on any role where experience and skillsets are key, including troubleshooting, preventive maintenance, server administration, and overall IT helpdesk support.


“I feel my computer is secure enough to allow me to work remotely, which has been a major benefit during our busy season. I sleep much better now that we have DominionTech as our IT service!”

Dawn Dwyer, Town of Lyndon

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