Are you an EXTREMELY busy, time-pressured IT Manager awash in urgent problems and critical projects, but DON’T have access to the tools, budget and support you desperately need to run your IT department properly?

If So, I’ve Got the Solution You’ve Been Looking For

April 2nd, 2021
From the Desk of: Brian Curtis
Founder & CIO, DominionTech Computer Services

Dear Colleague,

There are very few people who understand the daily life of an IT leader…

The incredibly LONG hours, crushing workload, millions of tiny details, constant complaints and problems crossing your desk, new projects cropping up, escalating cyber security threats, new technologies you need to learn, difficult end users who refuse to follow your recommendations, much-needed maintenance looming and impossible deadlines and URGENCY on EVERYTHING.

To make matters worse, you’re expected to keep everything up, running, and protected on a shoestring budget, without sufficient staff, tools or training, forcing you to constantly choose between putting out a fire OR working on a much-needed, more strategic project you know is necessary.

Because of all this, you worry. Worry about the security of your network, worry about the validity of your backups, worry about whether you’ve got it all “covered.” If things are working, that’s good (for now). But if you get one thing wrong – or simply overlook one important detail – you can end up with a total IT disaster involving extended downtime and disruptions to critical business functions, lost data and an expensive cyber-attack, with all eyes and fingers pointing to you.

Bottom Line, You Need More Help!

My name is Brian Curtis, and I’m a fellow tech and Founder/CIO of DominionTech Computer Services, an IT services firm based here in Vermont.

I’m writing to you and your CEO to find out who is the most appropriate person, or people, to talk to regarding a NEW and innovative service we are providing to IT leaders to give them the support, tools and help they desperately need. We call this service “co-managed IT.”

What Is Co-Managed IT?

In short, co-managed IT is a way for IT leaders of growing companies to get the helping hands, specialized expertise, and IT management tools they need WITHOUT the cost and difficulty of finding, managing and retaining a large IT staff. 

This is NOT about taking over your job and replacing you or your IT department. It’s also NOT a one-off project-based relationship where an IT company would leave you to support whatever they implemented (or pay them big bucks afterwards to support it). It’s an ongoing partnership to help you deliver far superior IT support and VALUE to your company at a much lower cost. Here are just a few of the reasons why IT leaders in small to mid-size companies are moving to a co-managed approach:

  • You maintain COMPLETE control over your IT department, decide what you and your team will handle, and what problems get escalated to us.All of our partnerships with current IT leaders are customized to YOUR specific situation, so you keep the workload you want, and offload other tasks and projects onto us!
  • You get instant access to the same powerful IT automation and management tools we use to make your job EASIER. We’ll give you our professional-grade IT management tools that will allow you to capture, organize, and prioritize end user tickets, improve communication, shorten resolution time, track software licenses and renewals, create and manage projects, document the devices on your network, and be FAR more efficient. These software tools are included with our co-managed IT program – and we configure them, upgrade them and train you on their use.
  • You’ll become more valuable to your organization. Our team will free you up to work on more strategic projects and focus on YOUR strengths. You’ll finally get the time to work on that long list of projects you’ve been wanting to get to but couldn’t – or simply delegate them to us.
  • You get a TEAM of smart, experienced IT pros to collaborate with. We’re always here to help you to figure out the best solution to a problem, get advice on a situation you’ve never encountered before, or help decide what technologies are most appropriate for you.
  • You’ll stop worrying (or less!) about falling victim to a major cyber-attack, outage, or data-erasing event. We can assist you in implementing next-gen cyber security protections to prevent, or significantly mitigate, the damages of a ransomware attack or security breach. We also assist in providing end-user awareness training and help you initiate controls to prevent employees from compromising the security of your network & data.
  • Access to free workshops and on-demand training. We offer educational webinars for our clients so they’re more informed on critical topics such as cyber security, disaster recovery, compliance regulations, best practices & more. This is FREE to you and a huge value add.
  • One BIG, final benefit: You can finally take a vacation or a day off without everything collapsing. You’ll have a flexible workforce of experienced IT pros at the ready to assist with special projects, migrations, and new technologies – or to simply give you the ability to take some time off. We are your backup IT team!

Why Us?

There are several reasons our company is uniquely positioned to be your co-managed IT partner. Other IT firms provide short-term project-based services, monitoring only or only sell managed services designed to replace you and your IT department. True co-managed IT is NONE of these things.

We are a partner you can TRUST. We’re the team that will stay up into the wee hours of the night fixing a problem. We’re the team you can call when an unexpected problem or crisis arises. And because we already know your environment, we can step in at any time FAST.

We are also the leader in efficient, responsive IT services and support. We currently serve over 74 businesses in Vermont and have a solid reputation for service built on over 20 years’ experience. 

I have invested thousands of dollars and over 20 years into developing the most efficient, robust, and responsive IT support system so you don’t have to. The co-managed IT support we provide will dramatically improve your effectiveness of your IT team while saving you money.

Think Co-Managed IT Is Right for You?
Our Free Consultation Will Give You the Answer

If this letter has struck a chord and you want to explore how a co-managed IT relationship would benefit you and your IT department, we’ve reserved initial telephone appointment times with our most senior consultant to evaluate your specific situation and recommend the co-managed IT approach that would work best based on your specific needs, budget, and goals.

We’ll work with you to help you determine areas that are lacking to unearth potential problems such as 1) inadequate or outdated cyber security protocols and protections, 2) insufficient backups, 3) unrealized compliance violations, 4) workloads that can be automated and streamlined for cost savings and more efficiency, and 5) insufficient (or no) documentation of IT systems and assets.

Further, many IT leaders appreciate having fresh eyes to see things they don’t, and to discover tools, methodologies and services that will make them FAR more effective and efficient – tools they don’t have at their disposal and may not even know exist. All of this will be discussed during your consultation.

To Request This Consultation:

  1. Go online to:
  2. Call us direct at 802-764-8609.
  3. E-mail your appointment request to my colleague Jeff Smalley at

One Important Request

We strongly encourage you bring your CEO/CFO into this Diagnostic Consultation earlier rather than later, especially if they will need to be brought “on board” with this concept. In most cases, they are the ones giving the financial approval and therefore will have questions about us and, at a minimum, what they are being asked to invest in.

Perhaps your CEO/CFO is different and is in full agreement with you that you are understaffed and overwhelmed and in need of additional expertise, resources, tools, and support. But if they are not, we can work on your behalf to help them understand the value of IT and the importance of proactive maintenance and specialized expertise for backups, disaster recovery and cyber security.

Of course, we will be working with you, on your behalf, to conduct the technical evaluation of your systems, security, backups, disaster recovery, licensing issues and more, and prioritize where we can be of most value to you. We look forward to working with you and your team.

Dedicated to your success,


Brian Curtis, Founder & CIO
DominionTech Computer Services
Phone: 802-764-8609

P.S. – I am enclosing our “IT Leaders Guide to Co-Managed IT” completely FREE for your reference. Inside you will discover what metrics we use to determine success, exactly how much IT support a company of your size needs, and an in-depth cost analysis regarding IT!