Kurt Schulz

I am comforted knowing that our system is always backed up.

Since the start of our business, we have relied on DominionTech. Their competitive edge did not stop with their pricing. I found them to be willing to sit down and discuss our needs and was impressed by their Apple knowledge. One of the things that I have found, that sets DominionTech apart from their competitors was their patience and understanding in setting up our unique computer system. My expectations were exceeded during the set up when we had to use our medical records software in a unique way and DominionTech figured out how to do it and to make it stable. It has worked well, ever since. We rely heavily on our computer system. If it goes down, we cannot function. I am comforted, knowing that our system is completely backed up all the time, and that our server functions are being monitored from their office. I also appreciate having DominionTech close at hand and always ready to respond. This is incredibly reassuring.

Peak Veterinary Referral Center