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Donna Liebert

They have bridged the gap between internal and outsourced IT

We were afraid that we would lose the “hands on” benefit of internal IT, but the dedicated support team at DominionTech has exceeded our expectations. During the on-boarding process, several team members spent the entire day working to optimize our IT. Their level of service and personal touch truly made me feel like our business was being taken care of and I could focus my attention on my job. They have bridged the gap between internal and outsourced IT by immediately providing us with continuity and a thoughtful strategy to support the immediate and future needs of our business. We are so pleased we made the switch to DominionTech!


Betsy Dall

We are so glad we are clients!

On the day of our on-boarding, the DominionTech team was professional, knowledgeable and very helpful. We appreciate how responsive they were and are impressed with ability to resolve our issues so quickly.

Our first hiccup was an internet outage during the afternoon, and the team was able to resolve it in a timely manner, without a lot of leg on our end. I couldn't be happier to do less IT!

You've got a good crew! Kudos to Brian and Misty for building a great team!

Native Energy
A Public Benefit Corporation

Dawn Dwyer

It is a blessing to have the DominionTech employees looking after our IT environment.

Their understanding of the software we use daily is invaluable, and they are able to troubleshoot our issues much faster. They make sure my computer is safe & secure with the most up to date security software & updates. I feel my computer is secure enough to allow me to work remotely, which has been a major benefit during our busy season. I sleep much better now that we have DominionTech as our IT service!

Town of Lyndon

Adam Quinn

We believe in working with local vendors like DominionTech.

DominionTech has been a key partner for Seventh Generation in helping us setup our work force with high quality, EPEAT certified Lenovo laptops over the years. Since joining Seventh Generation over 5 years ago, I have relied on DominionTech for purchase advice, warranty support, letting me know what’s new or on the horizon and we’ve relied on DominionTech technicians for in-person technical support for the times when our internal IT staff is unavailable or simply needs the added support bandwidth that DT can provide.

Seventh Generation takes pride in and feels that part of doing business in a socially conscious way means that you need to consider the way in which you’re doing your work and whom you’re working with. Though our products can be found internationally, we have been a local Vermont company for 25 years now and we believe in working with local vendors like DominionTech when we can to keep the business in Vermont. Being that we live and work in small town Vermont, local resources and vendors can be hard to find for companies like ours however, DominionTech has offered top level support for our needs and has always been able to deliver for us.

Seventh Generation

Kathryn C. Baccaglini

We were so impressed with their abilities, suggestions and depth of knowledge.

The security of our clients’ information is priority #1 for Davis & Hodgdon Associates CPAs. To ensure that we are providing our clients with the most secure option possible we engaged Dominion Tech to perform an IT Security Assessment on our system. We were so impressed with their abilities, suggestions and depth of knowledge that we also asked them to handle transitioning our email spam and archiving systems to an upgraded platform.

Firm Administrator
Davis & Hodgdon Associates CPAs

Kevin Eddy

They are local and I can count on a swift response in a troubled situation.

When we first hired DominionTech, it was through a former co-worker's recommendation. A couple of the reasons why we continue to reach out to DominionTech for our IT support would be that they are local, and I can count on a swift response in a troubled situation. Throughout our business relationship they continue to exceed our expectations. An example of this would be when recently we had two separate occasions where we had server lock up in the early hours of the morning that were resolved quickly once the calls were placed.

Pet Food Warehouse

Scott A. Tucker

DominionTech provides the best information, and recommendations with our budgetary limitations in mind.

I no longer worry or guess if one solution is better than another. We believe that DominionTech provides the best information, and recommendations with our budgetary limitations in mind.

Rutland City Police Department

Lynne Moone

DominionTech is known as our “Hero of the Day".

We were dissatisfied with our previous tech support specialist. It was during this time we found DominionTech. DominionTech responds quickly, and efficiently. They are accommodating to all aspects of privacy, and scheduling requirements concerning a medical office. DominionTech is personable, easy to work with, respectful, and professional…without being stuffy!

DominionTech is known as our “Hero of the Day”. When our old server crashed and died, DominionTech went to great lengths to help us retrieve our files. They saved, (in some form, raw data or better) literally YEARS of important research data. DominionTech keeps all of our computers running properly and seamlessly. They have set up a much better “backup system”, so we no longer live in fear of lost data.

Timber Lane Allergy and Asthma Research

Bill Sloma

With DominionTech, we now have an organization that runs like a professional business with a modern IT infrastructure.

We knew we needed to improve and organize our IT infrastructure. We approached DominionTech for help and they made suggestions on what we should do to have a viable IT system solution that was practical and within our budget. One of the reasons we continue this business relationship with DominionTech is because of the high level of support we receive. They make us feel like we are their biggest customer, even though we are a small efficient operation.

They respond quickly to our service needs and inquiries for help. An example of their consistency and excellence occurred when we accidentally took down the server and couldn’t bring it back up. This was serious for our small operation, so I called into the DominionTech office for support. They immediately sent someone out to get us back in business and spent the extra time to educate us on what to do in the future, to prevent the same issue from occurring. We can’t believe how we got along before DominionTech. With DominionTech, we now have an organization that runs like a professional business, with a modern IT infrastructure.

Habitat for Humanity

Kurt Schulz

I am comforted knowing that our system is always backed up.

Since the start of our business, we have relied on DominionTech. Their competitive edge did not stop with their pricing. I found them to be willing to sit down and discuss our needs and was impressed by their Apple knowledge. One of the things that I have found, that sets DominionTech apart from their competitors was their patience and understanding in setting up our unique computer system. My expectations were exceeded during the set up when we had to use our medical records software in a unique way and DominionTech figured out how to do it and to make it stable. It has worked well, ever since. We rely heavily on our computer system. If it goes down, we cannot function. I am comforted, knowing that our system is completely backed up all the time, and that our server functions are being monitored from their office. I also appreciate having DominionTech close at hand and always ready to respond. This is incredibly reassuring.

Peak Veterinary Referral Center

Pat Carpenter

We have been able to greatly increase our productivity.

Our relationship with DominionTech started because we were in need of some pro bono support for our aging computers, scanner and copier. We were given a new-to-us Windows XP machine and the tech person for the printer could not set up the scanning so that it would work with the new computer on our network. Jeremy was already at our office for another problem, so we asked if he could do anything to get the machine to scan to the computer. He was able to figure it out in minutes. We have been able to greatly increase our productivity.

We all breathe a little easier knowing that DominionTech “has our back” if there is any problem with our peer-to-peer network that we can’t solve. This is such a relief to us as our equipment becomes more and more out of date.

Care Net Pregnancy Center of Burlington

Dr. David Weissgold

Hire DominionTech and you won’t look back.

Electronic life in a busy, small medical office is a daily whirlwind – electronic medical records, patient portals, document scanning, etc. The professional staff at DominionTech Computer Services have never let us down – DominionTech is our rock. We know the difference they make, having had less-than-great prior experiences with other firms. Hire DominionTech and you won’t look back.

Retina Center of Vermont

Melissa Mazza-Paquette

DominionTech afforded us a terrific experience at an excellent value.

Right from the beginning of our relationship with DominionTech, we’ve been highly impressed. From the start, they took the time to meet with me numerous times to understand our business, address our concerns, and offer the best solutions moving forward, resulting in increased efficiency and cost savings.

We are exceedingly pleased with the excellent service we continued to receive throughout our recent seamless transition. DominionTech and their staff have proven to be very knowledgeable, helpful, and patient in responding in layman’s terms to the many questions that we posed. The constant communications, in various forms, at every step of the way, to ensure that our needs were being met was impressive. We experienced virtually no downtime and everything was delivered on time and within budget.

DominionTech afforded us a terrific experience at an excellent value and we sincerely appreciate their dedication and expertise. We look forward to having them as our IT partner for years to come.

Claussen’s Florist

Hope Bonneau

I wish we had called sooner.

We have worked with a few IT companies in the past, and Dominion Tech is by far the best. I wish we had called sooner. They are knowledgeable, prompt, and most of all, so easy to work with. We are very impressed with the amount of time they have spent working with us, and making our transition as smooth as possible. We are an e-commerce business, so there is no such thing as down time, and it is very reassuring to know that they are just a phone call away. They have exceeded our expectations, and we would like to thank everyone at Dominion Tech for making IT a pleasant experience.

Green Mountain Imports