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Computer & Network Security Services In Vermont

The safety of your network is of the utmost importance, and some businesses constantly worry about viruses and other online threats compromising their critical data. This worry can be a real drag on productivity. That’s where DominionTech’s Data Security comes in- giving you complete security and round-the-clock monitoring to protect your business and customer data from cyberthreats.

We safeguard businesses with spyware removal, intrusion detection, virus protection, computer data security, wireless & mobile security, computer & PC security, wireless protection, and data security management. Let DominionTech Computer Services develop a tailor-made security solution that protects your business, keeps you in compliance, and eliminates the worry from your day.


Securing your business with DominionTech:

  • Fewer Interruptions -- reducing incidents means your team is free to work to their true capacity
  • Threat Elimination -- stay safe from online predators while preventing malware and spyware from entering your systems
  • Peace of Mind -- allows you and your employees to work securely at all times

“I feel my computer is secure enough to allow me to work remotely, which has been a major benefit during our busy season. I sleep much better now that we have DominionTech as our IT service!”

Dawn Dwyer, Town of Lyndon

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