Cyber-Security Starts at the Top

Presented by:
Mike Psaros, Carl Benevento, and Bo Jayakumar.


Webinar Details:

Date: Thursday, June 27th, 2019
Time: 11:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

All business owners know a strong cyber-security plan is important to protecting their business, but creating a culture of cyber-security within their business can prove difficult. Many employees believe the entire burden falls on their IT department, but in reality, this requires participation and awareness from all departments and employees. Through education and increased communication, YOU will be able to give your team the set of tools they need to help your business be successful and secure.

During This Webinar You’ll Discover:

  • Why a cyber-security plan is necessary & what's at stake.
  • Everyone's roll in creating & implementing a successful cyber-security plan.
  • The importance of a policy and how it relates to a successful cyber-security plan.
  • How to plan for security breaches.

Who Should Attend?

Business owners and members of the leadership team who are concerned about: how to create and implement a strong & successful cyber-security plan within their organization. Especially those who deal with HIPPA, PCI or NIST compliance.

Presented by:

Carl Benevento, cyber security specialist, will be sharing his insight and experience in the realm of physical, social and cyber security concepts. Carl has 30 years of experience in technology and security.
Carl’s hands on security experience dealing with real time cyber security attacks and remediation offers a valuable resource to organizations cyber preparation.
In 2017 Carl secured a relationship with PIA (Professional Insurance Agents) to help their members through the challenging cyber security regulations put forth by the State of New York on the insurance industry this year. To date, Carl’s association with PIA has helped over 300 companies achieve Department of Financial Services (DFS) Cyber compliance.
Most recently Carl provided an Incident Response exercise to the Capital Area Technology Association (CATA) helping respective attendees become aware of cyber threats and how to put in place tactical preventative practices.

A seasoned cyber-security consultant, Bo has spent the last 5 years working with MSP’s and MSSP. He has vast knowledge on state and federal regulations that pertain to cybersecurity throughout the United States, and uses that knowledge to educate users on the best practices for cyber-security via webinars, speaking engagements and one on one meetings.

Mike is our Business Development Manager. He is a graduate of Vermont’s own Johnson State College, where he earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management. He has 14 years of experience working in the Telecom and IT field.
He loves to spend his free time with his two daughters and amazing wife. Mike enjoys fly fishing, boating and golf, as well as most other sports related activities.

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