Lynne Moone

DominionTech is known as our “Hero of the Day".

We were dissatisfied with our previous tech support specialist. It was during this time we found DominionTech. DominionTech responds quickly, and efficiently. They are accommodating to all aspects of privacy, and scheduling requirements concerning a medical office. DominionTech is personable, easy to work with, respectful, and professional…without being stuffy!

DominionTech is known as our “Hero of the Day”. When our old server crashed and died, DominionTech went to great lengths to help us retrieve our files. They saved, (in some form, raw data or better) literally YEARS of important research data. DominionTech keeps all of our computers running properly and seamlessly. They have set up a much better “backup system”, so we no longer live in fear of lost data.

Timber Lane Allergy and Asthma Research