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Defend your network against expensive cybercrime

DominionTech is a trusted provider of network security consulting & auditing services for companies in the Williston, VT area. Our richly trained and experienced network security consultants will defend your business against expensive, and often catastrophic cyberattacks.

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Cybercrime is growing

Money - and a lot of it - is the primary motivation for cybercrime. The annual cost of cybercrime is expected to exceed six trillion dollars worldwide by 2021,
a huge increase from over $600 billion annually just a couple of years ago.

Multi-layer network protection is crucial

We implement not only anti-virus, malware, spyware and spam software solutions, but also many other defensive measures and recovery methods. These include next-generation firewalls and web content filtering that builds hedges of protection for your network. They encrypt and archive email to make stolen data useless. In addition, they ensure the security of mobile devices and thorough device management, especially devices within “bring your own device” (BYOD) environments.

Auditing & education is essential for maintaining network security

To ensure the strongest security of your network, our continuous auditing, from anti-virus, malware and spyware software to patch management, will provide you with ongoing peace of mind. Our patch management services, along with ensuring your server is properly configured will prevent weakness from occurring in your system.

We also conduct employee training and regular audits of password policies, to ensure your network security is not vulnerable to unauthorized access due to human error or negligence. Weak password policies and poorly trained employees can render the best network security software and hardware solutions useless.

Don’t wait to become a victim.

Unfortunately, many businesses don't worry about network security until they've experienced a costly data breach. Beyond the financial losses, negative PR and the loss of public trust can raise the costs even higher.

As threats to network security constantly evolve, your organization needs technological solutions that constantly change and adapt before the next evolution of threats. Experience coupled with knowledge and expertise keeps DominionTech ahead of the game in ensuring your network security. Give us a call today.

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Our network security consulting & auditing services also include:

  • Vulnerability Tests

    The most effective way to prevent a cyberattack is to simulate one like a hacker would. Our team has the skills break through network security, to identify where your system is vulnerable.

  • Penetration Testing

    Penetration testing (aka pentest) allows us to see what threats you may be exposed to in a clear and comprehensive report.

  • Disaster Preparation

    There's no such thing as a perfect system, and system back-ups are the most essential aspect of being resilient. We'll ensure your system is backed up religously.

  • Regulatory Compliance

    We can assist in all aspects of government data compliance including performing monthly or annual validation audits as one of the requirements under the policy.


When we first hired DominionTech, it was through a former co-worker's recommendation. A couple of the reasons why we continue to reach out to DominionTech for our IT support would be that they are local, and I can count on a swift response in a troubled situation.

Kevin Eddy, Pet Food Warehouse

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