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Get The Ultimate In Total Accessibility, Security And Flexibility To Share Access Files From Home, Office Or On The Road

With cloud services from DominionTech, accessing your company data at home or on the road has never been easier.

Why make the switch? A cloud-based infrastructure provides you and your team with the flexibility to access company data securely, even when you’re not in the office. This unified, cost-effective system provides your business with better security and collaboration, so you can focus on your business instead of your IT.

Our team of experts take the time to understand your business and make recommendations based on your unique needs. We have experts in all your favorite cloud platforms such as Google Cloud, Citrix, Microsoft Azure, SharePoint, and Office 365.

Cloud Services From DominionTech Provides You With:

  • Reduced Costs: minimize costs by reducing physical hardware with the cloud.
  • Better Collaboration: on-demand access means anyone can share and access data and files.
  • Greater Scalability: as your business grows, the cloud grows with you.
  • Improved Security: Cloud storage providers implement advanced security protocols offering greater protection for your business.

"I am comforted, knowing that our system is completely backed up all the time, and that our server functions are being monitored from their office. I also appreciate having DominionTech close at hand and always ready to respond. This is incredibly reassuring."

Kurt Schulz, Peak Veterinary Referral Center

Because You’re A Business That Cares About Your IT

Your current IT provider may be doing an excellent job. Or, they could be about to close their business. Or, they may have missed that one thing that could compromise YOUR business.

Unfortunately, you can’t know for certain by simply asking your IT provider what the current state of your IT is. It is in their best interest to say your company is perfectly protected, up to date & running smoothly. If they’ve missed something, it is most likely done so without them realizing. The report is easy to understand (we lay it out in non-technical terms) and is a strong investment in your company’s IT. You will have peace of mind that your company is properly protected, or show what areas need improvement ASAP.

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