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Until recently, most businesses had their own IT department, whether it was dozens of developers or a single network administrator. Now, however, businesses can hire a outside IT services provider, like DominionTech, to manage their networks.

Outsourced IT services, also known as managed services, means that the people managing a business's IT infrastructure are outside contractors rather than employees. Thanks to high speed networking, a business doesn't need to own its network infrastructure. Rather, it can lease hardware and software from IT service providers, and its IT business processes don't need to be under its own roof.


By using an outside provider, a business of any size can have experts managing their IT. This enables the business to focus on its core mission without worrying about IT infrastructure or management.

Another benefit is scalability. A business's IT infrastructure can grow with the business without breaking the bank.

DominionTech's IT services include:

> Helpdesk support
> Network configuration, monitoring, security
> Operating system management
> Mobile device management
> Cloud consulting and support
> Regulatory compliance consulting
> On-site and remote engineers

CALL US: 802-655-0880

Save time and money by letting us manage your technology, as you won't need to hire a team of experts which typically comes with a hefty price tag.
Expert Solutions and Advice
When you call our helpdesk line, you are assured that you will get assistance from an engineer who is certified from Microsoft, Cisco, Dell, and other world-class technology suppliers.
Predictability of Cost
We have a well-versed team of IT experts that will be able to help you with specific projects and only pay for the support you need.
Proactive IT Partner
In addition to helping you and your employees with IT issues, we also make sure that your network runs smoothly. Our team offers monitoring solutions that will help manage your technology for any malicious software or intrusion to your network or whenever there is an upgrade or security patch that needs to be implemented.

“I feel my computer is secure enough to allow me to work remotely, which has been a major benefit during our busy season. I sleep much better now that we have DominionTech as our IT service!”

Dawn Dwyer, Town of Lyndon

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